Hibiscus Carnival Malvaceae

히비스커스 카니발

Region:North America


Known As:Rose Mallow




Large beautiful flowers, showy variegated foliage, tough, and vigorous. Summer Carnival Rose Mallow is a true quadruple threat in the garden. In late summer large, over 7″ across, flowers of deep magenta bloom in abundance. These huge flowers look like they belong on a tropical plant than a hardy perennial. Vigorous variegated foliage of mint green, white and pink emerge in late spring. As the foliage matures the variegation becomes more striking, peaking at the same time flowers begin to emerge.

Other variegated-foliage varieties have been either slow growing or had poor flower performance, but not Summer Carnival. It will quickly grow over 4′ tall and wide and bloom as prolifically as a plain foliaged Rose Mallow. Though they look like a tropical transplant Rose Mallows are actually native to Missouri, thriving in our hot summers and easily wintering through our tough winters. Water lovers, these plants can handle wet feet and soggy conditions.