Astrophytum Hybrid Cactaceae

아스트로피툼 하이브리드

Region:North America


Known As:Living Rocks




The species of the genus Astrophytum usually grow individually with spherical to columnar green shoots and reach heights of up to 1.5 meters. The shoots are often densely covered with fine white tufts of hair, but sometimes they are completely bald. There are four to ten (rarely three) very noticeable ribs that are not divided into cusps. The large areoles stand close together, but do not merge. The spike is variable. Thorns may be present or may be missing entirely.

The funnel-shaped, large flowers are yellow or yellow with a red throat. They appear at the top of the shoots and open during the day. The pericarpel is covered with pointed scales. The cap-shaped seeds have a diameter of up to 2.5 millimeters with a brownish black seed coat which is almost smooth. The edge is rolled towards the sunken hilum.