Viola and Love-in-a-Puff Violaceae, Sapindaceae

제비꽃과 풍선초

Region:Northern Hemisphere, Africa, Australia, North America


Known As:Balloon Plant

지역:북반구, 아프리카, 호주, 북아메리카



The balloon vine is a strongly overgrown, perennial herbaceous climbing plant that can even become lignified at the base. Growing over 10 meters high,[4] it can bloom at a height of around 25 cm. The slender, grooved stems are hairy bald to sparsely downy. The 5 to 6 cm long, triangular foliage leaves distributed on the stem are divided into a petiole and pinnate leaf blade. The petiole is (0.5 to) 1.5 to 3.5 cm long and the rachis is 0.4 to 2 cm long. The opposite leaflets are 1 to 2 cm long and the terminal leaflets are 4 to 6 cm long. The leaf margins are serrated. The stipules are reduced to tiny, early-falling scales. On the side of a 5 to 9 cm long, sparsely downy hairy inflorescence stem, there are two 1 mm long bracts, two circularly rolled tendrils and three to seven flowers in a zymous inflorescence.