Crassula Lycopodioides Crassulaceae


Region:South Africa


Known As:Rattail Crassula




Crassula muscosa has very small, light green leaves that are densely packed around a thin stem, and the arrangement of the leaves around the stems gives them a square shape.[1] It grows as an intricate bush with very small yellow-green flowers, with a maximum height of 15–20 cm. During the cold season, it tolerates temperature drops up to a minimum of 6-8°C, requiring little water. In summer, it needs a lot more water and should be not exposed to full sun, as it suffers under excessive sunlight. When these conditions are not met the plant begins to dry and stiffen, generally starting from the base of the stem up to the tips.

It is an invasive species and easily propagated from stem cuttings. If the environment maintains a stable temperature of 20-21°C, with adequate humidity and brightness, the cutting will root and grow rapidly.